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Francz Varga

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Hey all. I'm an Illustrator who uses Illustraor, I've worked on a pretty distinct style over the years and I've always wanted to see what I could do with my specific brand of artwork, using Josh's fantastic generative techniques. My ultimate goal is to create a hybrid of generative and directly illustrated images, but to start with I just wanted to flex my skills with this a little and see what kind of generative backdrops I could create.

So as a kick off I've created the following series of assets.

Initially I used the HDrawable Pool with a slightly modified version of the assets to create a mesh of bones. I experimented with HColorPool and HPixelColorist, along with randomising the opacity in some versions.

After this point I revised the assets to hold a grid linking background, so they could be turned into a repeated interlocking pattern.

Once I had a controllable grid, I started messing with the size of elements.

Next on my list is to use these assets as part of a HShapeLayout and then after that try rendering multiple passes inside the same piece.

Anybody who would like to use these assets, please provide me a comment and I'll share all 6 assets with you in a zip. All feed back is welcome.

Stay tuned for mre.

After a little help and looking into layering of elements I've managed to get to here.

Getting happier with the ability to build up my assets into something of a scene, I want to try building out a warrior design next.


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