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Organizing superstitous lesson 3 adding effects

Organizing Tracks

After i loaded all the tracks I organized them the same way guru did i also like beggining with the drum tracks.Then i just took out all the long pauses in all of the tracks and thats pretty much it.


This is pretty much how i mixed and panned all my levels. I found that to me some things sounded better in the backround as like a undertone like the guitar fx and some claves also. I found it easier to solo all the guitars and clavs together and mix those to how i lilked it because all off those seemed to have alot of reverb on them that mudied up the track a little. 

Adding effects

I added the ssl on all the tracks i have never used it before i liked it it was simple yet effective. I gated the kick and compressed the kick,snare and overhead. And also compressed a few guitars, clavs and the vocal tracks where also compressed slightly. The horns got a little reverb from space dsn plugin and also the vocals i used the bus 1 for the vocals and bus 2 for the horns.

Here is the link to the Stevie Wonder- Superstitious mix i did.


Here is my original songs for the mix contest its called vertibre.




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