Organizing my life in times of isolation

Organizing my life in times of isolation - student project

One benefit to the current health situation is that we introverts with a love of over-organization are already half-way there to figuring out how to self-isolate productively. I've been looking for a way to trap my over-active imagination into fewer, more streamlined paths, and Trello seems to be fitting well with how my mind works, helping me capture a bit of everything and allowing me all the details I could wish within each category. So far I have a set of boards for general interests, lists of varieties of interests within each and identifiable projects that I can now give a greater push to complete without that nagging feeling that I am forgetting 100 other things I could also be doing with all of my free time. Plus I'm planning on making note of things that are completed so I can pat myself on the back maybe once a month.