Organizing my creative content @TaintedSweets

Hello! I am one of the illustrators behind Tainted Sweets (A brand my sister and I created together) I enrolled in this class in hopes to get a better understanding on how to engage with my audience and attract folks that have similar interests. 

My Grid! (Before & After) 

BEFORE: When I was first posting on Instagram it was a mix of random images. I didn't really use hashtags or tag anyone. I was also unsure of what I should post and what I wanted to share. Below is what my feed used to look like. I would post some sketches, table set ups and the occasional pet photo. 


AFTER: Over time I was trying to figure out how I wanted my feed to look and what I wanted it to say about us. Thanks to this class I was able to figure out how to do that. This is what my feed looks like with my latest posts. Now I have a grid system that I try my best to follow. A post showcasing digital artwork, a post that shows a "live shot" of the products (sometimes with a toy) and a "lifestyle" post (the lifestyle post are either day in our lives post or fan photos that we repost)




  • Illustrations - (Connect other illustrators)
  • Toys - (Connect with other collectors and brands i admire)
  • Comics - (Connect with other comic fans) 
  • Handmade Items - (Connect with other makers)
  • Fan Favs - (Connect with fans of our brand and brands with like)

Edits: For my images I tend to use Snapseed and VSCO to edit the photos that have a white background. I try my best to get them all to be similar but I am still getting familiar with the apps. The illustrations are done in Illustrator and Photoshop. I then send a screenshot to my phone to post. 

Hashtags: I try to keep my hashtags straight forward. I used to tag everything I could think of and then some just to get as many tags. Once I started being selective with my hashtags I noticed i started getting new followers that were actually interested in seeing more of my feed. It feels better having followers that will keep up with your work than having 100 different strangers that will only like one or two posts and then forget abut you.   

Tags: I have recently starting tagging brands/folks that I believe may be interested or are featured in my image. My most recent tag was for a YouTube personality that I am a huge fan of. For his birthday I wanted to draw him in my style with some of his favorite things. I wasn't looking for exposure, i just wanted a way to connect with him since I was a fan and a way to connect to other fans of the Podcast/Youtube (any Kinda Funny Best Friends here? :D ) He loved the illustration and reposted it on his Instagram and Twitter account! It was great to actually see that he liked the drawing and got to connect to other Kinda funny Fans! Here is the post I am talking about!! 



Over time I have tried my best to get to know (like, follow and comment) with fans and with other artist. I am not a huge fan of the new way they organize the feed on Instagram but I try my best to keep up when I can and reach out to the accounts that may not always show up on my feed. Thanks to this new layout I can properly "plan" my posts. This comes in handy when we have conventions that we want to promote!

This class was great and I hope it helps others like it has helped me! 


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