Organizing my Mind

Organizing my Mind - student project

Hello Michaela!

Thank you for the class, it's really useful. I am and easly distracted person and this way of organizing information and thoughts seems to be very helpful.

I started by searching some inspiration (I'm interested in art, healthy lifestyle and sports), so here it is:

Organizing my Mind - image 1 - student project

Organizing my Mind - image 2 - student project

Organizing my Mind - image 3 - student project

This seems to be helpful

Organizing my Mind - image 4 - student project

So that's basically how I see my mind map to be done, accompanied by the doodles and sketches.

So the next step is going to be sketching and drafting!

I've made several rough drafts and for a long time did not have eny chance of completing my mind map!

Organizing my Mind - image 5 - student project

Being a mom of two little boys who constantly get sick pushed me right near the deadline of the project!!!!

But that's what I came up with drawing on paper.. 

Organizing my Mind - image 6 - student project

And that's the one I made using the MindMeister website.

Organizing my Mind - image 7 - student project


Thanks to this project I got familiar with the method of organizing my thoughts and I am planning to use it in my work coming up with the creative ideas.
I can't say that it was easy I really had to sit down and got myself together and organize thoughts about myself as an artist which had been bugging me for quite a long time. 
Now I feel much more concentrated and set some specific goals for myself as an artist.

Thank you for the class, really enjoyed it!

Anya Premilova

Self-Searching Artist, Illustrator