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Organizing Peace of Mind

The primary reason I'm taking this class is because I hate missing important deadlines and events. I've been going through phases of feeling very like my life is unmangeable. The reality is I have gotten very lazy.

Goal: I hope to become a productive organized person that is able to peacefully enjoy life. 

Task 1 - Email Organization

I spend about 2 hours going through my emails. I had almost 4,000 unread emails and about 1,000 read emails sitting in my inbox. I downloard the todoist plugin, which I really like. 

My process: I went through each page and quickly archived important emails. I added emails to my task that I needed to take action on or wanted to look at later. Then I went to the top and selected "all" and deleted the rest. I did this for each page. 

Task 2 - Todoist

Love, love this software. I like that it's connected to my gmail, so I can quickly add emails that I need to look over later. I created 11 projects on todoist. I changed all my task to mangeable things with detailed description of what I need to do. 

I downloaded the chrome plug-in and gmail plug-in. 

Task 3 - Evernote 

I really like evernote because I can add things on my desktop into it. Makes keeping track of notes and pictures really easy. I'm still going to keep my DIY projects on pinterest. 

I downloaded the chrome plug-in. 

Task 4 - Pinterest

I'm a very visual person, so I like to use Pinterest to collect visual references. I like to do DIY projects, so I pin all those ideas that I find onto to Pinterest. 

Task 5 - Schedule

3/31/14 - so far I've been using todoist and evernote. I check my email everyday, delete things, and save things to todoist. I was able to complete a few projects and task. 


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