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Organizing Chaos


I'm not starting out too hot but honestly, none of this surprises me at all, especially the Do part. I'm pretty good at making lists of things to do but everything after that is where it all falls apart. I've read GTD before and loved the ideas of it, even started implimenting my own version of it for a while, but sold the book and didn't really stick with it. I started my own freelance business and with things starting to pick up, I NEED to get things in order.

I made up as many of my to-dos as I could think of (which is a whooping 25, which means I'm missing a ton... further argument for writing things down) in Todoist.


Phase 2 is done and everything is processed! I watched the videos for Phase 3 but am running into some problems there. For one, I never set up Areas before thinking I wouldn't need them and just wanted to focus on the projects. Clearly this was stupid of me so I need to go back and do that. Secondly, Todoist has changed since this course was created and I'm being told by it that filtering and labels are a premium feature. :( I wasn't 100% sold on the layout of Todoist to begin with and this is reinforcing that more. I think I'll try and stick with it until the end of the course but I need a better solution. Why isn't Things available on PC? Does anyone know a program set up just like Things for PC? Things makes sense.

So here we go! I'm not at a point yet where I fully trust this system but I do feel like I'm closer. The biggest thing is going to be trusting my email to this system. My inbox is normally kept pretty clean (there's all of 6 messages there now, all of which pertain to a project I'm currently working on and need info for) so I'm not too worried about that yet and think that should get better in time. I'm also not completely sold on Evernote but mainly because I have yet to actually use it. I feel like it could be the Pinterest of actually being organized though!

To be continued!


I'm still not in love with Todoist. I like the tags and priorities that I can flag now but it still just seems really jumbled and unorganized. I don't have a ton of tasks (all of 41 at the moment) but it seems like I still have to search through and look through each of them to figure out what I should be doing next. I know it seems bad to get so stuck on a task manager but I'm just not loving this one at all. I'll give it another week and keep using it while I try and find something else but I know I need to find something else.

I am having a little bit of a hard time (again, might be Todoist) with the reviews. I LOVE the reviews and what they include but I feel like it's hard to plan my tasks for the day. And what happens if I plan a task and don't get to it that day? It just goes into overdue land and I can't seem to force myself to just do it. Doing was a huge red area on my pre-GTD quiz and it's true, that's something I struggle with. I don't even know why.

So the story continues and I'll update this when I get a chance to use the system more during this upcoming week.


I mentioned before that I was never really in love with Todoist. I've been trying out Wunderlist and I'm liking the feel of that more. It's got a mobile app so I can key things in as I'm out but I like the way the desktop can be organized a little better. I miss the priority flags from Todoist actually but I can star things in Wunderlist that are top priority and everything else can be a regular-low priority, which is more how I work anyway.


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