Organized chaos

Owning your own business and managing several projects and employees is enough stress in itself. Every week I write down a massive brain dump/to do list but my number one problem or number one to do is : read your to do list!!!! 

Instead, I get distracted tackling a random thought that popped into my brain or walking into the office and just starting another project without looking at the 3000 projects already sketched on my massive notebook of paper. I think I've already won the war because I wrote it down, when I've only just picked up my sword. Now I have to fight.

with a fast growing business, I cannot afford the distracted path I choose daily - I have to create habits and stick to theM. There was ( and still is) a time that spontaneity was the name of my game, routine is a four letter word that I run fast from. However, routine is what I need in order to succeed and this may be first step. 

I've noticed a lot of these projects are still ongoing or the story has no end...I'm hoping my bad habits can be put to rest and I. Can start closing out all the open apps in my brain that dragging me down. Cheers to restful sleep and a more active brain.

ready. Set. Go.


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