Organized Productivity

1. What rules stand out to you?

I very much like the 3X3X3 structure that you have shown and discussed in your videos, but I also appreciate rules that are placed under categories that correlate with certain codes of conduct and work performance. I actually plan to create my own version of the 3X3X3 structure, called: Low, Moderate, and High Priority Tasks/Events. Applied in the same fashion as the $10; $100; $1,000; and $10,000/hr, I would begin with the most important things contained within the High Priority category, residing at the bottom of the chart, and steadily work my way to the top, symbolizing the need to accomplish what is most important and gradually alleviating the work load until reaching that pinnacle of reward and success.

2. What other productivity rules work for you?

One of the biggest actions to take in order to begin being productive, or to become more productive, is to sit down, analyze the current habits you possess, pinpoint the individual factors that are affecting your personal life and work performance negatively, and remove them little-by-little until they're completely gone. For example: I am a person who vapes. When I first began my job during Summer Break I was already a hard working and productive employee, doing however I can to understand and perform my duties. However, I also liked to take a fair number of breaks during slow periods of my shift to step outside and take hits from my mod. I eventually came to the understanding that I was unable to finish some of the tasks that I was wanting to tend to. Just recently I began to not take my mod with me to work, and I noticed a significant difference early on. I no longer take breaks often, I am more focused on what I need to do, and I complete far more than what I originally did in the past. Even the thought for the want to step outside for a bit rarely occurs to me. The best part? I do not feel like I am being overworked or being treated unfairly in terms of how and when I work. This is a pretty common rule, but one that is very effective both in and out of work.

3. What goal are you most excited to accomplish in the next month, quarter, or year?

I sincerely want to write and complete an original story. During high school I had written multiple stories, none that had been completed, and poems whenever I had the time to do so. The greatest problem I am facing right now is brainstorming, creating, drafting, revising, and fully writing a good and cohesive story. As of right now I have a good idea of what kind of story I would like to write, but I have never gotten around to actually sticking to it and fleshing it out, one part of it being responsibilities of early adulthood. So, within a year at the latest (yes, it would likely take me that long to at least have half of the story written), I would like to make exceptional progress on getting my story written.

Side note: I am very thankful for this class that you have uploaded, and I view it as a good base to use to further build upon my skills and capabilities of being well organized and growing more and more productive as time passes. In accomplishing my goal, I will certainly remember this class as being one of many that acts as another, but meaningful, building block to my personal growth. I am forever grateful. Thank you, my friend.


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