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Organize my Workflow to Make Space for "Important but Not Urgent"

I have a crazily busy professional life, doing multiple projects on different timelines all at once. I am pretty organized and check-list-oriented, otherwise I would flounder. I always find a way to deliver good to fantastic results. However, the toll it takes is harrowing, especially in super-charged times. Like right now I have 6+ projects happening and it is hard to keep all the balls in the air without stressing out. 

Although I do PRETTY well in terms of being organized and getting stuff done, I wouldn't have signed up for this if I didn't believe I can do better. I'd like to learn how to move the needle from doing a "C+ to B+" job of being effective and efficient to an "A+". 

Why? To eliminate stress, get more done, and most important, to free up significantly more free time. Time to live and have happy time with family and friends, more time for health and nature and interests and hobbies. That's my goal.

Right now I get the work done, but I get overwhelmed, stressed, and the rest gets pushed aside... I want to change that.

The other piece is my office. It is an external reflection of the chaos. Cluttered and disastrous! At least the many piles all over are neatly stacked :)


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