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Organize BPJones Workflow, Life & Laundry

I'm Barbara *you can call me Babs, don't you dare call me Barb* and I live in the most amazing place in the world: Ketchum, ID. I have lived here since I was 9 and it is a magical place. You have to come visit to understand, or I can spend the next few hours going into detail about it.

Procrastinating is my specialty. How good am I at it? Let's just say that HUGE pile of laundry has been on the floor for 2 + weeks now. I have great ideas to start projects, online classes, even finish reading a book but the projects either fizzle out or I forget. Organizing my time is the biggest issue I have and it gets to the point that I'll start to have a panic attack. Even right now, at this moment, I NEED to be working on projects for my job but I'm putting them off till tomorrow because, you know, it'll be easier then.

I love to write and have a blog that I would love to be successful. Between my boyfriend, pets, keeping my house clean and 2 jobs, I have to work extrememley hard to even keep thing a tiny bit on track. I went to an alternative high school which was great for so many reasons, but it wasn't very strong in teaching us how to manage time. That has always been a huge problem for me. I can't even schedule 'play dates' without freaking out.

I know a huge part of the problem is with me and not being able to get it together, but I also feel as though this is something that can be learned and I'm hoping this class will get me organized and stop feeling like such a loser. I'm not a loser, you say? Well, take a look at my Diagnostic Quiz results:

Yeah, I have some issues....

I just completed my first Open Loop list on Todoist. I really like the platform. It's easy to navigate and the free version is just fine for my needs.

I was really happy when Tiago had me refrain from adding due dates to it. I feel that I get too lax when I know there's a deadline. As strange as it might sound, if I'm working at my own pace, I'm more likely to start and finish a project. I think I subconciously sabatoge myself to fail. I get so mad when the date comes around and I haven't done my thing!

So far, so good.

Jan. 17
I'm really liking the simplicity of Todoist over Evernote, which I've used off and on for years. I was able to break town my tasks to make them seem less overwhelming and while this doesn't showcase all of my to-do's and responsibilities, it's a good overall picture.


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