Organization of a Life

My project is to try and develop some structure to organize my life so I can do what I can to improve my health and be more productive. 

I have very limited energy & stamina.  If I push myself too hard, I end up not being able to anything for days.  What I need to do is to develop a framework which will help me regain what I have lost. I walk a tightrope everyday--trying to keep everything in balance.

I am going to organize my project into three sections using journaling.

Section 1 - One Day

  • Review what are my "need to do's" vs "want to do's"
  • Review what I'm doing to help my health & see what I could be doing better
  • Review what I'm doing to help my body recover
  • Review what I'm doing to help my spirit recover
  • Record success & failures

Section 2 - One Week

  • Plan for reachable outcomes for the week
  • Record success & failures

Section 3 - One Month

  • Plan for reachable outcomes for the month
  • Record success & failures
  • Review the month

I met a sherpa when I was on a trek.  I asked him the secret to being to walk long distances in the mountains with a heavy pack on his back.  His answer was--put one foot in front of the other and keep going.  I'm putting one foot forward...


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