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Melissa Meyerson

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Organic Simplicity

Hi everyone,

My Moodboard theme for this class is quite broad. What I really want to do is use some of my favorite photos from hiking trips, and other walkabouts, as my source material for a pattern. (Those sweet little finds).  I did take the purple tubeflower photo, but the others are pics I WISH I had taken. 

I included some of my favorite artists/illustrators to help keep me focused on the direction. I am madly, deeply in love with Ellsworth Kelly’s Plant Drawings, and they provide a lot of inspiration for me.

I also included Julia Rothman, Abigail Borg, and some quick digital sketches I made, trying to simplify and abstract as much as possible, trying to keep thinks feeling organic.  



Step 2

These are some of my sketches, all based on photos I’ve taken from different places.

My sketching style tends to be quite messy, which can make it really challenging for me to work with in the computer. I try many different methods to see what looks best, tracing over with stylus, Image Trace, and I often draw right over my photos in Photoshop, to get more familiar with the form and shapes of the motif (it feels like I’m cheating, but I do always try to edit things out as I draw and simplify the shapes).

So far, based on my Moodboard and photos, I have not included a color palette, but I actually have a color palette in mind, that I plan to use with my pattern. Would you advise to always include your color palette with your initial moodboard? I did feel like my moodboard suffered for lack of a cohesive palette?

Thanks so much!!






Vectorized Drawings

Here a just a few of the sketches converted into vectors.  Because I don't own an iPad, I have become pretty reliant on Image Trace.  I have a (unusual maybe) practice of drawing over my sketches or photos in Photoshop first, b/c I love the brush options and masking, and then bringing it into Illustrator.  But, as you can see below, I do get that often bumpy, clumped look with my linework.  I have also tried tracing sketches in Illustrator with either the blob brush or pencil tool, and I actually feel the lines are too smooth, and still need lots of adjusting.  


Final Stage - Pattern with 3 Colorways

This is what I have come up with so far, and I'm pretty happy with it, but I know that the more I go back to it, the more I want to change and fiddle...sometimes that can create a problem for me.  I do like to fill a lot of space, but sometimes it gets too crowded.  I am definitely open to any constructive feedback, as one thing I have been missing in my pattern journey so far, is guidance from those who are more experienced than myself.  

I have really enjoyed seeing everyones work so far - very inspiring!!





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