Organic Catnip Label

Organic Catnip Label - student project


I'm creating a label for a New Zealand-based company who grows and sells their organic catnip product through pet stores and vets here in NZ.

The product is already established here and selling well, but with other competing brands to consider, their packaging currently doesn't reflect their product values or stand out in the way they would like it to.

The brand could really benefit from a much more crafted and charming presentation than it has right now.

And collectively the client and I have decided to have fun with the execution as well as really rev up aesthetic vibe. I would like to make something that does a superb job as well as something I feel proud of – and something that makes your heart sing too.

I invited my client to go through all the images I gathered together with me. (This was a great meeting and a really positive process.) So here are our mood boards...ruthlessly edited from the original collection of a grillion other images I found last week or in some cases been hoarding for years. :-)

We forced ourselves to only retain the images that had the dna we felt was truest to the aspect and impression we'd like to achieve. We've gravitated to aspects of old seed packets, and herb, wine, whiskey, champagne and tea labels. 

Due to the nature of catnip - it's somewhere between herb/tea and magic potion. But it's fresh, farm-style and quality stuff.

This catnip product is differentiated from a couple of others sold here as the only organic version. That's a big strong point for them to promote.

Currently the existing labels are produced as smallish rectangular stickers, which are then stuck onto two different size black vacum packs (Small and smaller.) We're investigating if different packet colour options are available (possibly white and a brown papery version). 

We're also investigating whether screenprinting packets is an affordable alternative to the stickers option they use at the moment. This would enable us to utilise a much larger label size, and save a lot of sticker sticking.

Organic Catnip Label - image 1 - student project

Organic Catnip Label - image 2 - student project

Organic Catnip Label - image 3 - student project

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First rough sketches / Update: Tuesday 28th May

At this stage the finished label size cannot be much bigger than a business card. The existing type face is very bold and similar to something like univers condensed, so I decided for now to keep the brand name in a stenciled type style, reminiscent of stenciled tea chest or didone type, and an illustration that could be stenciled on sacking or wood...

As an alternative to the playful cat, and the debonair cat, I tried a family crest style pair. The company was started by a brother and sister so the two cats mirrored represent their family connection to the product.

Organic Catnip Label - image 4 - student projectOrganic Catnip Label - image 5 - student projectOrganic Catnip Label - image 6 - student projectOrganic Catnip Label - image 7 - student projectOrganic Catnip Label - image 8 - student projectOrganic Catnip Label - image 9 - student projectOrganic Catnip Label - image 10 - student projectOrganic Catnip Label - image 11 - student projectOrganic Catnip Label - image 12 - student project

based on Alaina's feedback – I thought I'd try another mashup...

Organic Catnip Label - image 13 - student projectOrganic Catnip Label - image 14 - student project

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