Orecchini Fantasia

Orecchini Fantasia - student project

Paper jewels, in particular earrings and necklaces, made starting from a poor material such as cardboard on which are applied various patterns of quality origami papers.

Every creation is completed with pendants or colored beads, which recall the fantasy of the paper, to make each piece original and unique!

I think that one of the best way to show objects is by great pictures and the use of social media, such as Instagram, is a very useful instrument to bring visibility to my Etsy shop.

One of the best part of my work is to create personalized items and the next big goal is to design my original patterns to be applied to the earrings, so as to create a totally unique and personal product!





Orecchini Fantasia - image 1 - student project


Orecchini Fantasia - image 2 - student project


Orecchini Fantasia - image 3 - student project


Orecchini Fantasia - image 4 - student project