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Elizabet Vukovic

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Orchestra class escape

3 stories (I'm thinking I'll go with nr 1):

1. Orchestra class escape
From the age of around 6 my sister, my best friend and me had piano lessons at a musical school. After the private class for us three we had a group orchestra class in another room that was just along the hallway (with an extra wall very important).
We really disliked that class so much that we decided to skip it once since there was that wall we figured the piano teacher would think we got in but we could run along the hall way without him noticing we did not enter the room (see map), since he never checked if we actually went in there.
So this time for some reason he did look and called out to us while we ran, got on the stairs to get out of the building. My best friend jumping the stairs first my sister behind her and me in doubt still seeing the teacher with his keys calling our names “EVA, ANNA!!” and coming after us with his keys clinging.
My best friend and sister calling out to me to come and my thought went ” I’m not going to this class alone” decided to follow my sister we ran out. Luckily the father of our best friend was already there with his car and I remember my friend telling her dad “DRIVE!!”.
Well there could be a sequence to this story as you can image we had to go back there next week....

2. Almost killed my sister
I (around age 5) came up with this great idea that my sister and I could fit in the tv dressoirs drawer (it seemed quite big and it kinda was?!). So my mom was having 2 friends over they were chatting, my mom was in the kitchen making coffee couldn’t check on us. My sister went first when she put her foot on the drawer (and I can’t remember all very clear) the tv (quite a big one) fell on us. PANIC! so they had to take my sister to the hospital only to come back home and realize that I was hurt too (hole in my head)

3. Well not enough for candy
Growing up we spend lot of time outside we had some small shops in the neighboorhood like a “snackbar/cafetaria” we they sold candy maybe “5 cents a piece”. It was slightly later in the day a little darker and my sister found a coin on the street we not looking carefully thought it was a quarter (dutch money) 25 cents that meant 5 pieces of candy. So my sister and I went to the snackbar and picked out 5 pieces of candy only for her to take out the quater and actually see in the bright lights that it was a “5” cent coin. Quite an embarrassment since the man already put the candy in a little bag and we couldn’t afford it and well we went out with 1 piece of candy instead haha.



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