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Orcas Behaving Badly

I recently watched the film, Blackfish, and have become intrigued by orca whales. So I started with images of orcas. Many people view orcas as the cute whales that Sea World has been pushing, but they are quite massive, strong and I mean, they are not called killer whales for nothing. So I wanted to pair the orca whale images with other random things that are not usually connected with orca whales.

I like pairing these photos of orcas with images of them doing inappropriate/rude things especially since orcas are seen as majestic animals that are full of beauty and sometimes used to provide happy entertainment for us. So let's couple orcas with doing rude acts such as:


Flipping People Off

Yelling at others

Stealing other people's spotlight

Basically, combining the image of orcas and their peaceful, serene nature and having them doing rude acts and being unapologetic about it.


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