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Kris Efe

Making art and having fun




1 - Moodboard

I've choosen a Orca whale for any special reason. I just like the way they look when they are jumping or swiming.


2 - Sketches

After many sketches of the Orca jumping, I started to think that it would look nicer if it was swimming in the ocean, so I've just rotated the image of a Orca jumping, to get the same kind of dynamic move. Sorry for the bad picture :(


3 - Digitazing

I've worked a lot with the digitized image, changing many things on the tail and white marks to get something more dynamic.


4 - Adding Elements

I really wanted to heave some element symbolizing that the whale is in the ocean, so I've played a bit with it too.



5 - Finalizing

This is my last image. I'm not very happy with the tail yet, I think it doesn't look nice right now. I'll probably get back to it and make more changes but for now, this is my final image.



Do you have any suggestions on how can I improve my work?


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