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Orc Hound

Orcs are a staple of fantasy, and they're usually grouped together in bands or tribes like humans. So it seems logical that they'd have doglike pets like their human counterparts. My project is an "orc hound". I want it to be doglike, vicious, and monstrous. Other than that, I don't have any preconceived ideas for what it should be.

The orc hound is a massive canine with a distinctly boar-like appearance (much like orcs themselves are humanoids with a boar-like appearance). The orc hound sometimes occampanies the war band into battle, and lives off the scraps of the encampment. There is rarely more than one orc hound in an encampment because of their fiercely territorial and aggressive nature. In combat, the hounds will charge at their opponents, trying to gore them with their tusks. 


 4 legs, multiple tusks, ridged back, fangs, claws. Tail with spikes (or armored spikes?).


  • Terrain/habitat: Mountain, rocky, swamp, difficult, desert
  • Physical: brutish, muscular, massive, bulky, scarred, rough, horned, tusks, scraggly hair, wiry hair, squat, slobbery, warthog
  • Coloration/Texture: Browns, blacks, white stripe, greenish, yellow accents, slimy, hairy, rough patches, patchy, caked-on mud
  • Personality: brutish, rough, mean, aggresive, comical, lovable
  • Features: tusks, armor, fur, hair, glowing eyes, tail, spiky tail, spiked armor, leather strapping, collar, dog tags


My favorite keywords from above

  • Terrain/habitat: Mountain, rocky
  • Physical: brutish, muscular, massive, scarred, rough, tusks, scraggly hair, squat, slobbery
  • Coloration/Texture: Browns, white stripe, accent colors, patchy, caked-on mud
  • Personality:  I'm not sure which direction to go with this. My first inclination was to do it as a mean and frightening orc hound, but maybe it would be fun to do it as a comical image of a playful brute? I'm thinking something that looks fearsome, but which we show having fun in a mud puddle or something...
  • Features: tusks, armor, (glowing eyes), spiked armor, leather strapping, dog tags

This is the initial batch of silhouettes. After stepping away for a few minutes and coming back to this, I feel like I could have let my imagination run a little more free. I think I'll do another batch of silhouettes, then start mixing and matching.

EDIT: Ok, a few more silhouettes added now. 

Refinement Sketches

Here are the first refinement sketches. I'm going to revisit these in a day and make a few new ones.


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