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Orc Character

Coming up with themes is always difficult for me, but I did manage to decide I wanted to create an orc lady mage-warrior type. The silhouettes might not be very varied or dynamic right now, but there are a few that stand out to me.

I think these are the final 3 I'm going to go with. I really like the third one, but I don't have a clear vision of what she's supposed to be wearing.

I went with the left one from above for my variations. The middle one stands out most, I think.

Final details

Finally finished!

I know coloring it wasn't exactly part of the class, but I work in grayscale a lot and not enough in color.

This was a fun class, and I definitely learned a few things. Thanks to everyone for the likes and feedback on this project :)


It was suggested I try another one, so I did! And I'm glad because I actually like this one a lot better, haha. I tried to push the textures more.


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