Norman Davie

President at Exceptional Computer Services, Inc.



Orator Adventure

I've actually been involved in a lot of game development in the past, as I worked at Electronic Arts for 5 years, however, the work I was involved with was not was the player normally saw during game play: installation of the game, automated build tools, game optmization, creating routines which load and save content, etc.

The artwork always stopped me from trying to build a game in the past. This is my first attempt at creating the full game.

Life experience is a great resource to build a game concept from.

I joined Toastmasters 9 years ago and it was life transforming for me, giving me the confidence to move from being a cog in a company to creating my own company.

I thought an interesting exercise would be to create a treasure hunt that you "find" the benefits of public speaking.

PSST:  Watch out for the "umm" Zombie!

Week 1:

Every contract that I've had on hold has decided to come through, so it's another week of "bare basics"

Left mouse click changes block colour, spacebar turns on/off lights.

Week 2:


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