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Shaun Kastelijn

Graphics Coordinator at Indico



Oranje KNVB 125th Anniversary Home Kit

My introduction to football was the early and mid 90's Dutch teams through my father, uncles and Grandfather who is from the Netherlands. Since then my facisnation with football (and jerseys) from the Netherlands has been borderline obsessive.

I am a graphics coordinator for a sublimation company in Australia and have always daydreamed of what I would do if given the chance to design a kit for Oranje.

I chose the Oranje home kit for several reasons:

  • The kit is one of the most iconic in world football.
  • Stewart has worked on this very project before and can give the most relevant feedback I could ever recieve.
  • I wish to learn better techniques to generate ideas when differentiating (mostly home) kits that need subtle updates but need to remain part of the iconic styling of the kits preceeding them.
  • It holds personal significance to my love of football and sportswear design.

125 Years of the KNVB

During my research for this project, I found my 1989 Oranje shirt celebrating 100 years of KNVB. With a  quick equation I realised: 2014 will be the 125th anniversary.

My project is the Oranje Nike Home Kit for the 2014 World Cup celebrating the 125 years of Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond.


First up, we're making a football kit that's Dutch and it's orange. Which orange?

There have been many variations of orange used on the home shirt in the past 3 decades... 

I felt that the orange used in 2010 was the best example of a solid, bold orange that managed to avoid burning the retina. I also appreciate the two-tonal approach of the 2012 kit and may incorporate that into my design at a later stage.

I matched the colour from the 2010 Kit as Pantone 172 C

Once I had confirmed the most appropriate Orange would come from the present day, I broke the project into fields of inspiration that could represent the whole 125 years of the KNVB.

The colours would represent the present day and Oranje's most recent 'success' in making the 2010 WC final.

Badge Style, the lion emblem itself, the jersey, shorts, socks and numbering could each pay homage to further eras.

Many anniversary kits to take the route of representing the first jersey or kit and ignoring the years between. With this kit I wanted to celebrate the history of Oranje rather than just the origins.

Badge Style 

I am looking here of the presentation of the badge, excluding the lion, which I will examine seperately.

Worth noting that the most recent 'anniversary jersey' was the 1989 centenary where a simple '100' was pressed in felt beneath the badge:

I will be exploring a slightly more elaborate crest for such an anniversary.
The images below have been taken from times when the KNVB badge was presented in badge form rather than the one colour image of the lion.

While most of these have been used too recently to be rehashed for historic relevance, the KNVB emblems below from the are from various stages between, at least, the 1930's & late 1960's.

Collectively, there is much to work with here. The traditional badge exists in a shape that can encapsulate the text required and also whichever form of the lion that is chosen.

The prominence of the Crown is heavy, as the 'K' in KVNB is for 'Koninklijke', Dutch for 'Royal'. I intend to investigate the placement of the crown where it currently sits and also above the badge outside the circles edge.

There is also a 'triskelion' (three legs & feet ala Isle of Man's heraldry) with footballs under the raised front legs of the lion. I had never seen this on aany Dutch emblems before and certainly not on any Oranje jerseys I remember, so for the maintenance of the iconic imagery within the badge, Iwill be removing it.

a) From the 50th anniversary in 1939, this emblem is almost perfect for the anniversary kit. Colour needs to be added and the triskelion and pattern around the lion removed to give more promenence to the lion itself.

b) is a simplified version of a), perhaps for ease of embroidery at the time. I much prefer the detail of a) and would love to see that detail in full effect using today's embroidery.

c) The colours are absolutely perfect! Antique gold, white and a light royal ideally complimenting the orange backing.  
Id prefer to see the text of the other 3 be in the white area and for the detail in the lion embroidery be heavily improved. I like the choice to have the sword and arrows in white. I find the KNVB text at the top to be an interesting typeface, perhaps ideal for any small details that reference the KNVB acronym.

d) is the same version of A but showing the crown in antique gold on orange gives me something to work with when we come to that down the track.

They badge style would be ideally be a combination of the design and detail of a) & the colour and embroidery of c)

The Lion

The lion is everpresent throughout Dutch heraldry. As shown below, the lion rampant is generally crowned, tounge out, gold in colour and with a white sword and arrows. This is how i believe it should be represented within the badge.

The lion has been present on KNVB emblems and jerseys in the various forms below:

a) could have been nice when filled with appropriate colours, but the right leg of the lion has been moved back to accomodate the triskelion. It given the lion an odd posture.

b) not enough detail.

c) No crown. No sword. No arrows. Despite being used throughout the most memorable times of Dutch football, the '70s, no deal.

d) With further detail in the arrows and some colour filling, this could be ideal.

e) as per d) but 1 solid colour. Prefer d) with detail.

f) current KNVB logo uses stylised Lion's crowned head. Lack of lion's body and modern style would detract from the retrospective detailing of the kit.

The Crown



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