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Orangina Poster

Here's the orignal poster. I love this vintage print, I have it hanging in my living room.


Uploaded the poster to http://www.colorcodepicker.com/ and grabbed the colors I needed. 


Downloaded some fonts from https://www.fontsquirrel.com. They don't match exactly, but they are very close and FREE. ;) I had a really hard time finding one that matched the signature at the bottom because it was too blurry to use the Font Identifier tool.

Also finished the basic outline. Used the ellipse tool and Pathfinder to create the umbrella shape. The original was obviously painted by hand, so I used the paintbrush tool to get that effect on the table legs and highlights/shadows. 


Done! I took a few artistic liberties to save time, and I'm not happy with the way some of the things turned out, but I learned a lot! And that's the point, right? ;)



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