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Orange and salt

The same day that I watched this class,my mom asked me in the evening if I wanted to go to the beach since it was my first day back in town, and she knows how much I love the beach. So we got our things and left. We picked up my aunt on our way there, so when we got there they picked a spot and sat there as I wandered around by myself. It was a beautiful sunset, strong radioactive orange all over the sky and the really dark navy blue coming in from above.
As I walked along the beach I noticed this girl stading next to her dad, asking him random questions as one does at that age. And I couldn't help but smile. It reminded me of myself when I was little and curious and very fond of my dad. As I kept walking I found this little boy standing by himself, playing with the rocks and admiring the water from the distance. He reminded me of myself now, more independent, used to being alone and actually being appreciative of that solitude. But it felt weird to see such a little kid by himself.




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