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Orange You a Glad Heart

Wow, this class was good to learn some techniques I could transfer to other projects - for example, how to make scallop edging and the dashes. The brush palette was a good exercise, but for me, that could have been a class by itself because in Illustrator 5, you have to create your own corner tiles, it isnt automated. I'm still shaky on the nuisances to brush patterns (like the bounding boxes) and inner corner techniques, but I think I know enough to play around with it. In terms of this project, I had no idea how to shape a inner corner for a heart! And as I fiddled around with creating one, I also had to change the orientation 45 degrees for it to fall into place. Argh, I got stuck and walked away from this several times, but today I was determined to finish! The brush palette outline still isn't quite what I want. When I finished tonight, I expanded that line and moved the inner corner into a better position. 



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