Oracle Deck

Oracle Deck - student project

I decided to do speedy cut stamps for the backs of my decks. I ended up making 2 decks because after I cut the first deck to fit the box I had leftover paper in a nice size so cut that out as well. I ended up sewing a very rough pouch for the second set as I didn't have any tin or box to fit it. So anyway here is where I'm at now....

Oracle Deck - image 1 - student projectOracle Deck - image 2 - student projectOracle Deck - image 3 - student projectThe first set in the box and the second in my very "rustic" pouch yep the closure really is that off centre ha ha mad sewing skills here. Oh well it works. I recycled the fabric, facing and closure from a very worn out backpack I got at a thrift shop. Next step is the other side if the cards. I think I'm going to do wildflowers on the second deck and combine the first with Jessica Swift's message a day class and have it be ongoing.

Oracle Deck - image 4 - student projectMy first 4 cards I went for keeping it simple with pen and ink