Optimizing the current system

Optimizing the current system - student project

For task management, I've always liked to use weekly overviews and keep anything and everything to do on there. Tasks which need to get done until the end of the week are also on there. Time-sensitive things are written in with a time and a clock so I can see with one gaze when I have some kind of meeting or deadline.

Optimizing the current system - image 1 - student project

For future events in the next 4 months, I have this overview every month. If there's anything exceeding that, I put it in the google calendar. It's especially good for counting the days until an exam...

Google calendar also contains my class schedule and exams, automatically since I imported the university calendar. 

For quick scribbling, I put stuff in my notes app on the phone. It's super simple and I mainly use it for shopping lists.


Anyways, the part I want to focus on is the e-mail inbox which is so very cluttered and disorganized, so I will try out the filters and labels Thomas mentioned.