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Princess Val

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Optimizing PrincessVal.com A lifestyle and DIY blog

Princess Val

Home Title: Lifestyle, makeup, healthy recipes & DIY ideas on a budget.

Home Description: All-things-pretty on a budget! Makeup, fashion, healthy recipes, travel, decorating, and DIY projects.

Keywords: Do it yourself, Diy, Diy home, budget, Healthy recipes, Best recipes, Healthy diet, clearance, budget ideas, Vegan, Diet, weight loss, Vegetarian, Beauty, Makeup, Makeup tips, Makeup tutorials, Eye makeup, Travel, Fashion blog, Fashion trends, Do it yourself wedding invitations, How to paint furniture, Shabby chic furniture, Cottage furniture, Healthy eating facts, Weight loss, Recipe for healthy meals, Eyebrow makeup

Blog Partners: still too early, but it´s on my list.

Thanks for the help, this was a good tutorial!


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