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Optimize: http://unbouncepages.com/optimize-2/

Dan's a tree guy -- willing to climb out on a limb to get his work done.  But take a look at his tool set.  Dan's no fool. He woudn't go up there without first hand knowledge of his work processes and the tools he needs.  He's examined his work flow carefully -- nothing extra to carry, nothing left behind.  

Can you say you've examined your work processes as though your life depended upon them?  Most of us would admit we've not.  Too busy getting the work done to think about process flow, much less optimization. Anyway that's for big business.  Right?  Small business can't afford the overhead to examine itself.

Not necessarily!  What if I could show you a process for looking at your work flows that would support a financial analysis of your current cash flows, costs and returns?  Then what if you could use this analysis process to evaluate potential changes to your work flows -- new ways of controlling waste streams or moving to green technology, alternative scenarios for IT deployment options, making the decision to add a new capability or product?  Would you invest time and money on optimizing your processes?  

Consider the benefits of fitting together the big picture and fine details of your business processes.


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