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Hey everyone!

This is my very first class on Skillshare and I already know it won't be the last one!

Despite the title of the class, I started off my first project with black china ink. I was feeling down (we all have bad days) and decided to go with the flow of it and express that. So here's my alphabet and my scribble.


The subtle variation of black and grey are not obvious on the picture, but my scanner did a good job at picking up those varations. I actually didn't vectorise my alphabet and used Pixelmator to separate each letter and compose my piece. And here it is...


I feel like it really gets the message across... Allowing my dark cloud of frustration to come out really helped me to feel lighter so I carried on with a more cheerful project.


As I don't have a light box I used my ipad to backlit my paper like one of the classmates did. Indeed it's not great but it did the job. I didn't trace the letters but painted them directly. I used the same technique with the other elements.


Et voila...


I love books! My secret dream is to get locked in a bookstore after opening hours and spend the night reading and browsing. I also love gardening, which is something I recently discovered. What I am really surprised about is how successful I've been at growing vegetable and how much pleasure I get out of it. I haven't got a garden yet but I'm doing the best I can with my 4 square meters city allotment.

I ended up not using the leaves, I found the watering can was way cuter!

Thanks for watching,



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