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Opposing forces

2nd December

Finnally I´ve designed a collection with three different color ways:

Geometric Waves - Sea

Chevron Waves - Colorful Sea

Geometric Waves - Sun

Chevron Waves - Colorful Sun

Geometric Waves - Delirium

Chevron Waves - Colorful Delirium

I´m very happy with the result and I´ve started working on more patterns! I´ve even created a website for myself: 



1st September

I wasn´t very happy with my two first opposites, so I create this two that I think are much better :)

Waves vs squares



And another pair. They are opposite because the first one the pattern is reapet in different directions and the second one is a one difrection pattern.


Triangles and squares

The first of each pair I´ve already started with color, I just couldn´t avoid :). I guess now I can move on to the next project. Looking forward for it. Please, let me know what you think of my work.


17th August

These are my first patterns for this course. Waves have much more curves and it uses the whole space, there isn´t any empty space in that pattern. You can see that stars are more linear and we have empty space in that pattern. These patterns are organized in very different ways.




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