Opinionate This the Web Series and Podcast

Opinionate This the Web Series and Podcast - student project

The Make it Better! Podcast

Is a podcast in which three friends and movie buffs watch, break down and discuss infamously bad movies and what made them bad. Then we take the main elements of that movie and essentially attempt to make a better one out of it. It's always a lot of fun, with different movies each week, each varying degrees of unwatchable. Listen in and you ma learn as we go along more about film language, the art of acting, directing and what makes a good movie from a bad one! You can check out our podcast here.

The Web Series

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Opinionate This the web series launched its season premier this past October. Featuring content creators Lindsay, Patrick and Titus the series draws from experience on creative project’s ups, downs and rewards. More specifically, the series aims to shed a light on the creative process and cycle of a project through a comedic lens.

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Meet Lindsay, the business-oriented, straight faced and proud owner of a yet to-be-named production studio. Patrick is her somewhat optimistic, not-so-reliable business partner who more often than not has his heads in the clouds. When Patrick introduces a drifter named Titus to their crazy, over-ambitious project the three are catapulted into the series of trying trials and tribulations of making a movie.

our goals for both projects in the coming year is to continue writing and shooting for a second season of the web series as well as re-launching both the series and the podcast with a new name and look.

Additionally, we will be releasing an animated series to our roster and striving towards the beginning of our production company. Opinionate This will be getting a new website with even more content such as blog entries and movie reviews, all for viewers to enjoy.

We hope that this re-launch will help us define our brand more succinctly as well as offer more for different types of visitors and potential fans.

We have found it difficult to target an audience, especially through social media. It seems more and more that platforms are either for other content creators whose interests lie in promotion as well, or people whose interests don't quite align with our subject-matter. This is why we are going for a more shot-gun style approach so then we can determine what content is successful in engaging audiences and hone in from there.