Opinel Knife Packaging / Rebrand

Opinel Knife Packaging / Rebrand - student project


Opinel is a heritage knife brand that has been in the hands of workmen and whittlers since its invention in 1890. Founded by Joseph Opinel in the Savoie region of France, the modern knife owes much of its popularity to its clean lines, simple construction, and its signature twistlock mechanism….but also its insanely low price point.

Current Branding:

Opinel Knife Packaging / Rebrand - image 1 - student project

Opinel Knife Packaging / Rebrand - image 2 - student project


Create a tag or piece of packaging that pays homage to the brand and its history while elevating the aesthetic to a more contemporary feel.


Opinel Knife Packaging / Rebrand - image 3 - student project


.01 Numbering system.

The Opinel line of pocket knives span a variety of sizes from the No.2 with its tiny 3.5cm blade to the No.13 with its massive 22cm blade. The label needs to accommodate these differing sizes.

.02 Heritage.

The main couronnée ("crowned hand") insignia on the blade is rooted in the history of the knife's place of origin in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, Savoy, France. One consideration is a way to tie in the history of the brand while ensuring the design is still fresh.