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Operation: Wedding Minister to the Stars!



Twitter: @Minister_Dave

Instagram: ministerdave

More than 12 years ago I was asked to officiate my first wedding.  I have taken to it and over the last 12 years I have learned a few things that have set me apart as a great officiant. My intention is to use social media to expose my business to enough people that celebrities will begin to seek out my services.  I will, without a doubt, build my officiant business into a lucrative 6-figure income.

One of the things that sets me apart right from the start is that I ALWAYS make it a point to be at the wedding rehearsal, and I do not charge an extra fee for this.  I was shocked to hear from several wedding coordinators in my area that I am one of the only ministers they know that attends the rehearsals, and the others that they know of charge their couples an extra fee for this.  Wow! 

Another thing that really sets me apart is that my ceremonies are always cusomized to the couple based on our initial interview.  I have heard that many officiants have 4 or 5 standard ceremony templates and that they just ask the couple to choose the ceremony they like best, and simply swap the names out.  I could not imagine doing this, as the ceremony should reflect as much of the couple as possible.  One of the most romantic moments in your life shouldn't be centered around a cookie-cutter ceremony!

I am always asked by guests after my weddings "how long have you known the couple?" People are usually shocked to hear that I am not a long-time friend of theirs, and thank me for delivering such a personalized ceremony.

Finally, I feel that my charisma, experience, and over-the-top dedication to doing what I do set me far apart from the majority of wedding officiants.  I only look forward to creating more magical wedding moments and eventually taking my business to an elite level.


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