Operation Shed and Shred! :)

Operation Shed and Shred! :) - student project
  • GOAL:  to reach my goal weight of 135 by my birthday on June 10, 2013.  And MAINTAIN it
  • 145lbs by 2/13/13
  • 140lbs by 4/1/13
  • 135lbs by 5/13/13
  • My end goal isn't to be "skinny" but to be at a weight that I feel comfortable and healthy at.  If I feel that way before I reach 135lbs then I'm ok with that too.
  • FITNESS ACTION PLAN:  work out 4-5 days a week including weight lifting, outrigger paddling and any activity that is fun and gets me moving.  To also watch what I eat and make healthier choices.  Add more fruits and veggies to every meal.  Choose better quality meats - grass fed, organic, etc. Drink less alcohol.  Make a LIFESTYLE change and not just a temporary diet.

Mon- rest

Tues- arms/shoulders, paddling

Weds - legs

Thurs - abs, paddling

Fri- back/lats

Sat - cardio, wholebody

Sun- paddling 

  • POSITIVE FITNESS HABIT CHANGE:  To view myself and my body positively.  I am beautiful the way I am and losing weight isn't going to make me "more beautiful".  Losing weight will make me more healthy and fit.  
  • To hold myself accountable and my friends who are also on this journey.  To take it one day at a time and one milestone at a time.