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Tina Jett

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Operation Organize

Overall, my main goal is to eliminate and organize all the open loops in my brain. I tend to use them as distractions and procrastinations, not working on what I really need and want to for my creative biz. If I can clear a good deal of them off my overall list, there are less excuses for me to not start new creative projects and experiments.


As suspected, "do" is my downfall. Le sigh.


At the get-go, 108 open loops. And counting. Ew. That said, I read most of the GTD book a couple years ago, and got off to a good start, but then trailed off into the abyss again. Knowing about Things and having Evernote are really helping spur action. Seeing all those loops laid out on the computer makes me just want to take a dedicated week to kick the crap out of them. I figure with two or three good days snuck in here and there, each focusing on a specific area, I can eliminate a very large chunk. Also, the if-it's-less-than-two-minutes-just-do-it trick is a great thing to employ on a contstant basis.

I also downloaded the Mailbox app for my phone. I only have one teeny gripe about it, but other than that, I went from 98 emails over three accounts (not much by some people's inboxes, I know), to zero in less than 24 hours. Seeing that inbox-zero Mailbox icon makes my brain happy.


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