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Kim Bailey

Senior Art Buyer, Creative Art Photography



Operation Creative Logo

LESSON 1 - Planning & Inspiration

My name is Kim and right now I'm on a journey to become an Art Director. After working in the legal field for 10 years, I made the leap into advertising (more on the finance end at the moment) and I'm really looking forward to making strides towards my new career goal. Right now, I'm like a sponge trying to soak up as much information as I can to make it in this competitive field.

Currently I have a blog that focuses on creativity and I would really love to design a logo for my blog that represents me. I would like to design something that is colorful, cool and simple - the three words that pretty much describe my personality.

Target Audience

  • Mix of creative men and women (artists, crafters, photographers, lovers of creativity, etc.)
  • Ages 20-45
  • College Educated
  • Employed within creative fields and/or are creative entrepreneurs
  • Mixed locale

Mood Boards

Color Mood Board

Composition Mood Board

Concept Mood Board

Icons Mood Board

Typography Mood Board

LESSON 2 - Sketching Lots of Ideas

Below are my sketches.

G, here are some additional sketches.

LESSON 3 - Move Forward with Your Best Sketches

I decided to focus on sketch # 11 and sketch # 32. Like I stated earlier, I really want something that is pretty simple and fun. Please see below for my finished sketches.

LESSON 4 - Review of Your Logo Sketches



Hey Genevieve! I just wanted to let you know that I'm still working...this is is a work in progress :)


Hey G! As promised.


#32  I'm having issues with this one. Help.


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