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Operation: Clean Up

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I have a lot of bad habits and very few good ones. I am completely unable to motivate myself when it comes to working for myself, despite being able to work productively from home when employed by an outside business. I have a very poor relationship with food (it's not a priority for me), so cannot use it as a reward mechanism, and I'm a mess of poor self discipline and impulse control issues. I cannot focus on things that don't interest me and am too easily able to focus on things that do, meaning I end up coding for 8 hours straight instead of doing some laundry.

I am highly organised, efficient and productive when at work, but shockingly unproductive and inefficient at home. I signed up to this class because I need help learning to create healthy, productive habits for my personal life that I can integrate into my lifestyle without struggling. Previous attempts at creating healthy habits have a mixed response: I make my bed in the mornings maybe 99% of the time. I eat one or two home cooked meals a week, the rest is either toast, ready meal or nothing. I walk my dog every morning, and 99% of the time in the evenings. I need an idiots guide to getting my brain to accept doing things I don't enjoy by coming up with ways to do them that aren't associated with boredom. I'm hoping you can help me with this (no pressure!).

One of my worst areas is getting out of my head long enough (and early enough) to realise the house needs a tidy and/or a clean. I have no set house cleaning habits and would like to introduce 15 mins of cleaning every evening to help me keep on top of the mess and mayhem that tends to get left in the wake of both myself and my dog.


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