Operation Anti-Anxiety

I actually love going to the gym. After a workout I'm energized and my head feels clear and ready to tackle projects. Unfortunately, no matter how long I've been going I have this tinge of anxiety when I go by myself. I know, suck it up, but sometimes it's really hard. It's even worse if I go on vacation for a week and then have to start up my routine again. I'm not so concerned with seeing the numbers drop from the scale, but I would like to reduce my BF% by at least 7-8% by August 3, 2013 (WEDDING!!!).

My Project: To remove the anxiety felt before going to the gym. I use to feel the same kind of anxiety going into malls or gocery stores by myself. Learned from those two the more I go the less the anxiety is.


  1. I have a membership to my local Crossfit box for 3x a week. I will go 3x a week without fail and supplement with at least 2x (cardio/hitting the big 3 lifts) a week at my  normal gym.
  2. By the end of February I will increase my Crossfit membership to include 4x a week along with 3x at my gym.
  3. By the end of April I will go to Crossfit 5x a week, maintain 3x a week at the gym, and incorporate cycling.
  4. May-June: Maintaining the above while pushing the cycling to 30miles a month.

Meal Plan:

  1. ~1300-1500 cal/day
  2. Log meals into Myfitnesspal every single day
  3. Higher protein intake (inspiration from Paleo recipes, but am not removing all carbs/legumes/dairy)
  4. One cheat meal every two weeks

Update 1.24.13

Updated MFP each day since 1/13/13, gym W-Sun with M&T rest day.

Have not hit my Crossfit goal yet. Went once this week. I have two more days to compete my goal of 3x for this week.


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