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Megan Garren

Digital Artist & Portrait/Product Photographer



Operate To Pollinate

Made the switch to a tablet- Wacom Intuos 5 about a year ago. Have enjoyed using photoshop for many years and had been anticipating making the switch once I got the funds. After finally getting over the learning curve of looking at a screen while drawing, I'm finally able to start making original pieces without the aid of a preliminary sketch I usually had to scan in and trace. Been following Chris's work since I saw his Last Fiesta rendition at a local restaurant, and fell in love! Already picked up a few tips, and look forward to finishing this project and gaining more knowledge!Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz. 1st Sketch. Still messing around with some border concepts, and refining the sketch a little more. Enjoyed drawing to some new listening material, thanks to the 'additional resources' provided. I used to listen to the Joe Rogan Experience a lot, found an awesome JRE podcast with Neil Degrasse Tyson, thanks to the link! Also had fun with the pineal gland activator. :)

Finished Project! Let me know your thoughts!


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