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OpenMVP Platform

OpenMVP Platform is a easy way to build your MVP. The platform allows new entrepreneurs to try out there idea without worrying about the methodology and logistical issues that hinders them in doing what they need to focus on.

This is an open platform - where start up builders can learn from others while platform providing recommendation based on a pre-defined data as well as data harvested from the platform.

Why I am doing this? 

I bought Steve Blank's book in 2010 but still juggling between various ideas and technology without focusing on the key processes. Goal is to remove the distraction from building hypothesis and testing ideas and iterate with the help of a virtual community of entrepreneurs around you. This is really required for folks who are juggling between day job and night dreams of entrepreneurship. This will be safe at work (SFW) too.

Well basically - taking Michael Karnjanaprakorn's SkillShare course and turning into a dedicated platform. I just landed on his page in 20 mins back  while searching for "Share your MVP" on Google. I see here 200+ MVPs shared with real data and digital builds supporting it. Why not try to make it a public platform !!!

Will keep posted...


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