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Here is my original OMRails application.



Unfortunately, I couldn't quite get OpenInventory onto heroku(gem and time issues) but what I am in the process of creating is an enterprise class Hardware Inventory system that actually looks good. 

Assets are broken down into 2 basic categories

  • Assets
  • People

With that you can also add Clients, Device Types and Offices.

You can easily view which assets need to be refreshed or which ones are disposed.

Additionally, since almost every table has a relationship, we can see who owns which asset and which device is owned by who in separate assets. See below for images.

Finally, every change made to each and every asset has an audit trail using the audited gem. All users will be pulled in from ldap and authetication is used with the devise-ldap-authenticatable gem.

You can find the code on github here:

Looking at an asset 'card' with user association:

People list page:

Asset List Page:

Search and setup navigation, search by username and asset number. Set up new clients, devices, offices

User 'card' display page. Lists a specific user and all of the assets assigned to them. All asset tags can be clicked to go back to the Asset 'card' page

Devise View page. Eventually I will be pulling in photos from ldap and be doing the same with the people view. This will help easily identify the asset:


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