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Open state

Firstly I'm really excited about this course as I've tried to draw similar logos before and they haven't come out well, but ALL the projects in the project galery are fantastic!!
I'm going to take an old logo I tried to draw and redo it. 

Openstate - was a series of improv workshops I tought to help people learn to know themselves better and drop their ego. It's about creating and open and honest state in the person and an open culture in the office, family or anything else. 

That's a super short brief. but the important thing is I would describe the classes as been: authentic, conection and couragous. So I want the type to be couragous and authentic. 

When traveling the world I felt that I was cut of from my ego and more able to be myself when traveling mongolia, which gave me the idea to look at text from Mongolia, Bhutan, Tibet. Not to call this meditation or to want one of those tacky yoga logos that someone made from sanskrit but I think I could get some influence from the following text. 




I only want to take very subtle influence from these. and these are a few of the favorite styles I've picked up from Dribbble that I just liked thier style. I think it really boils down to them been clean and readable. 


Initial drawings

coming soon...


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