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Open State - Improvise for goodness sake

I'm running improv classes with a focus on them been open to anyone and moving into offices to encourage a team to communicate better.

Allow a group of people a space to play, have fun and conect on a deeper level. Giving them a space to learn more about who they are through practicle ecercises.

30 somethings, open minded, alternative and willing to question things especially themselves.

Connection. England has had social problems before the internet but now we are all to happy to spend all our times on our phones and are in a state of serious social problems.
Millions in lost in offices because of bad communication.
50% of Londeners are single/alone. Egos keep our true authentic selves away from the surface.

A safe place to play and better understand ourselves and each other. Having guilt free fun as a group. Alowing people to idealise mistakes and destroy their ego.

My life is more fullfilling thanks to improv and everyone I have taught or worked with have said it has improved their lives too!

Authentic, connected, courageous.


In one year I want to be known for:
Helping people communicate with one another and helping them understand themselves.

People who care about this are into:
Meditaion, looking after themselves. Personal development, taking action (as oppose to reading self help stuff). Their local bands. Independent shops. Having their own opinion. Lauging at themselves.

We are not:
giving advice (we learn from reflecting on our own actions). trendy, fashinoble. Corporate. Cold. Average. Normal. Popular.

Above all else:
we are real.




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