Open Air

Open Air - student project

I have spent countless hours watching travel influencers that have filled my mind with envy, only after realizing that some of those things I will never get to experience. It really took a toll on my mental health. Therefore, I want to create a space so people can share those same experiences only locally. My goal is to create biweekly challenges that support local travel and businesses. For example, my first challenge posted to Instagram was to visit a pumpkin patch! (It's currently spooky season) 


I would love to see this brand Idea grow to a YouTube channel and a podcast. I already have a blog but I am posting on Medium and I am not sure that is the right option. 

I am always trying to learn as much information as I can to be successful and I watched this course when I was feeling very overwhelmed about my creative process. So thank you for this amazing course!