Here's my moodboard! Looking through the images I'd collected, I noticed I've been really obsessed with iridescence, transparency, and the combination of tough metals with soft, sheer feminine materials. I'm also drawn to marine creatures, for their colors, bubbley shapes and interesting textures. I condensed my images down to the essentials and this color palette emerged.

I started sketching with a couple directions in mind. I definitely wanted a pair that was bubble inspired, but I also wanted to do a more tough design with a wire "cage" look, and then I had a few ideas that sort of roped in the organic textures of underwater creatures. Here's what I came up with so far, I'm kind of obsessed with the bubble ones right now so I'm working on a version in Illustrator with measurements. Here it is without measurements so far: (the white bubbley bits are one piece of transparent plastic)

Presenting...the Opalescent Bubbles! I'm pretty excited about them. I'm adding the measurements now. 


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