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I seriously considered not sharing my actual before photos. Just start organizing a bit, and then take photos. But I'm owning this f#*%ing mess. I really feel the need to explain why my creative life looks like this, but I am going to sit on my hands and refrain. I am having trouble focusing on the task. I've already hit up Pintrest and decided that I probably need a bed on wheels. But I'm pushing through. Must get rid of so many things...

In the photos below, you will see my life. Note gangly pipes to the far right. They're copper. I think they add a vintage feel to the space. I hope to work them into my final visualization. Pinterest had nothing in the way of twisted old plumbing to add to my mood board, so I'm going to have to wing it.


Books. Photography gear. A questionable number of plush creatures.


Current space and future space. Cleaner. Maybe a sink to go with the pipes. Less things.


I finally managed to make some progress. I had a lot more stuff than I realized. So many pens...


Let's see... Reorganized the drafting table storage to house only the things I use for drawing. Hung some jars in the wall for officey pens and highlighters and whatnot. Repositioned the overhead lights so they are tolerable.


The shelves now only store art-related materials, with the drawing and photography stuff in the middle where it's easiest to get to. Wasn't able to part with any stuffed friends. I like toys. *Shrug* Was able to clear a space for the dog to come hang out, too.


The Nar Wall. Ha!

Still some paper sorting and shredding to do. It feels much better in here, though.


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