Andrea Velazquez

Doodling is a very serious matter.



Oodles of Doodles

I love the idea behind these projects, it's always so refreshing to draw with such a carefree attitude. 

I struggled with keeping up a fast pace while drawing - I don't know if it's just because I like to draw in a slow flow or I might have been thinking too much, but in the end it all resulted in relaively clean, simple results. 

// Prompt 1: Standing Up

Like I mentioned earlier, my drawings started taking on a very kind of clean, simple look. During my first exercise, I started seing a tall bird, so I added some extra details to give him life. 

I tried the first exercise for the a second time and got sharper lines while still maintaining a relative level of simplicity. 

// Prompt 2: Drawing with Music

I started with a kind of upbeat, drummy electornic music. I love that kind - it's chill enough that you can just listen to it yet upbeat enough that it has a fun rythmn. 

I then tried with some Spanish ballads. I grew up with that music, but I was never a big fan of it. While listening to a song, I felt like I was forced to go slower than I would have liked. As a result, I got a kind of smoother flow and more connected imagery.

// Prompt 3: Draw with rotating paper

My favorite exercise! I had so much fun with it while all these shapes and characters begain to organically take form on the page. Very fluid and relaxing. 

I tried it a second time but placed a big focus on using words. Again, it was super fun and everything felt like it was taking on a form all on its own. Loved playing with the different weights in this one. 

// Prompt 4: Draw while blindfolded

I'm actually pretty surprised that I can recognize most of the things I was trying to draw! Also a very fun exercise. 


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