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Oodles of Doodles

I christened the moleskin diary yesterday by drawing up some letters and getting used to holding a pencil again :P After looking around the interweb and reading a few books, I have noticed that I am most drawn to playful typefaces, and also simple ones with clean lines. I can already see by looking at what I have done, I like happy fonts :P

I think for my project I am going to come up with some typefaces that can be used for different gelato flavours because that is a seperate project I am working on that I can combine with this one :)

Will upload again tomorrow, over and out xx

It feels so nice to just mindlessly draw, i really need to do it more often! I'm really looking forward to getting into this class- I have just bought a moleskin diary and have started doing a few little typeface sketches- and have finally tracked down a scanner! Yay!


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