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Only way to get better is to practice

I've been learning various hand lettering techniques and calligraphy for the past few years, but the two things I've been avoiding are swashes and lettering my name. This class project challenged me to do both. Since I know I need the practice, I used my lunch break at work to give a quick stab at the challenge.

Started with my pencil sketch.


I've always struggled with making swashes and curls look natural. I feel like every time I try, they look forced or overdone. The one I'm particularly unhappy with in this, is the area that connects to the dot of the i. But, I decided to move forward.

On to inking.


It's a little rough, but considering I was using my iphone screen as a lightbox, I'll take it. I had a bright green pen laying around, and since it's one of my favorite colors, it felt 'on brand' to use it for my name.

Since I wasn't quite happy with the final inked product (mostly because I was doing a quick job of things), I decided to pull it into illustrator and digitize part of it (another things I've been working on learning lately). I really liked the shape of my k, so I chose to just do that.



Could make for a cute little logo.


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